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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow and Ice in Houston...yep!

Last Friday school was cancelled because of ice.  The ice was real unlike the last time school was cancelled three years ago.  Ice everywhere and it was kind of funny to watch the news because you would have thought the world had ended.  I guess in Houston it kind of did.  Real winter weather is so rare here.

Legit ice all over Drew's truck

A snowy/ice mix on our Sago Palm

It is rarely this cold here and look....70 by Sunday.  That is Houston weather!

Then the weekend was beautiful...60's and 70's because winter does not last long here.  I truly miss winter so I LOVE when we get doses of winter.  I miss the seasons and winter especially so I take what we are given.

Of course, thinking that school would be cancelled again four days later was a silly, but it happened.  Last night mother nature gave us another dose of winter in the form or freezing rain, sleet, and snow.  So, school was cancelled again.  No school in Houston because of winter precipitation in the same week....hilarious!  My kiddos are loving this.  I am not so sure they will love it when the days are made up in April and June.

Anyway, today it actually snowed some...very little, but some and I had to take some videos.  Before you see how my crazy kids were dressed please know that we own all kinds of winter gear and they could have been dressed appropriately. 

Taking these videos was hilarious.  Only my crazy kids would think backflips on a slippery trampoline was a good idea.  Jonah must have slipped at least five times before landing one.

It really is an "N"

Elena was so cold.  She said she did not like snow days

No worries....it is supposed to be in the 70's again by the weekend.  Like I said, winter doesn't last long here.

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  1. Just a little winter fun for all of us! Can't complain!