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Monday, January 27, 2014

Flag Football and a story

Saturday began our adventure back into ball sports.  Drew and I are ball people so I find it slightly amusing that Emma and Jonah are gymnasts.  But, Samuel is a ball person too.  He has tried soccer and did not love it.  He tried t-ball and liked it some.  Now he wants to try football (oh how that makes me happy) and I think he loved it.

Samuel does love to play catch with Drew. They design plays and have their own games all the time.  He is also finally starting to watch football on tv and enjoy it.  Considering how much Drew and I love football, it is about time! 

Samuel is playing flag football for the next eight weeks.  It is 5 on 5 with the kids learning very basic football skills and rules.  Drew is the coach.

Samuel had a blast on Saturday.  He did not fuss one time which he did with soccer and t-ball all the time.  He just played, listened, learned, and had fun.

It was fun to watch unlike soccer which just looks like a total mess at age 4, 5, and 6.  T-ball was interesting enough, but this was just so much better for spectators.  Although I was proud of Samuel for participating so well, I was most proud of him for being a good teammate.

As a mom, I regularly wonder if anything that I am trying to teach my kiddos is being learned.  Saturday Samuel showed me that sometimes he listens and is learning.  One of his teammates wanted nothing to do with playing in the game.  I don't know if he did not like football, felt intimidated, or what.  This little boy just sat on the sideline crying and talking to his parents for most of the game.  Finally, he agreed to play and he went on the field.  When he took his position Samuel walked over to him, gave him a high five, and said "I like your shoes and you are doing a good job".  I was just so proud that he was being a kind and encouraging person.

Getting set for defense

Oh, and to make the day even better for Samuel...he scored a touchdown.  That really made him happy!  Me too!

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