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Monday, July 15, 2013

Science and Crafting

To me, that is the funniest post title ever.  Science and crafting are quite low on my list of "let's do that today kids!".  But, when the weather is kind of yucky indoor activities prevail and new adventures are fun.  Thankfully I was not in charge of the craft.  I mostly just watched.  And, the science museum was mostly just fun play...phew!

Grammy wanted the kids to make new stepping stones for her garden.  The kids were all about this.  They sketched their plans and prepared all the beads in bowls.  I helped mix the cement and the kids got busy.  A super quick, fun, and easy craft!

The final products looked something like this.  Because it was crazy humid it took a couple of days to dry so we did not get to see them in the garden.

Since the weather was still not suitable for swimming we headed to the Lancaster Science Museum in the afternoon.  Unfortunately we arrived at the same time as a YMCA group, but we still had fun.  There were lots and lots of different experiments for the kids to do.  They each had favorites.  For Emma it was the electricity circuit boards.  For Jonah and Samuel it was the parachute launcher.  Elena loved the bubbles.  I liked the rainbow shadows!

I have now been to two science museums this year.  That is probably more than my entire lifetime!  As much as I could leave after a short time, I do enjoy watching Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena figure out the experiments.  They definitely get their love of science from their Daddy!

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