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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Aunt Kelsey is way cooler than mom

My sister Kelsey is a very cool mom.  She does very fun things with her kids all year long.  When we are here in the summer, my kids get to experience all the fun.  Two of the things we have done in the past two days would probably not happen at my house.

First, yesterday night the kids slept outside in a tent.  It was the perfect night for tent sleeping.  The projected forecast was 64 degrees and clear.  It actually got down to 57 degrees.   For July, that is crazy awesome weather!  It is just too hot for me to bother with tent sleeping in Texas.

Our cousin Meghan, who is also very adventurous, slept willingly in the tent with the kids.  The two little girls slept inside.  Maybe next year for Leah and Elena.

Then today Kelsey had all the supplies on hand to do human ice cream sundaes.  Now, we did not waste any ice cream during this process, but all the usual sundae toppings were put to good use.  We used caramel, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and Redi Whip.  Oh, my they were sticky messes, but the giggles were contagious!  They only one a little unsure of the entire process was Elena.  She does not like to be too dirty so we could only put toppings on her arms and legs.  Everyone else was all in for the head.
The supplies

The before...all clean!

Maya and Emma



The cleanest one of the bunch.

After all the fun, we gave the kids a pioneer bath otherwise known as a bath with soap and the hose!

Good old fashioned fun!  Summer time with cousins is the best!

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