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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Humpback Rock and a picnic

Our last grand adventure in VA was to have a picnic on the mountain and to do a little hiking.  Again, this was something that Drew did lots as a child and he was very excited to share this with our kiddos. The picnic spot is off the Blue Ridge Parkway so you can just imagine the views.   The hiking was up a little path to the top of Humpback Rock.  

We arrived late afternoon to find the temperatures were about 76 degrees.  It was glorious weather for early July and many folks were wearing sweatshirts.  We had a great site for eating and letting the kids play in the woods while the adults visited.  Jonah and I took a little walk along a rock wall.

I took tons of pictures of our picnic.  Meemaw planned quite the gourmet picnic.  We had the usual hamburgers and hot dogs.  But, we also had sauteed mushrooms, salad, and chips and guacamole.  For dessert we had a choice of banana boats, banana pudding, peach pie, or s'mores.  It was a feast!

Before we could have all the yummy desserts we went on the hike.  It was maybe a little of a quarter mile to the lookout point.  It was such a pretty walk through the woods.  The kids loved being on a mountain and in the woods.  It is something that we don't have the opportunity to do in Houston so it was a treat for all of us.

In order, Clair, Lauren, John, Jonah, Samuel, Mary, Luke, Madeline, Emma, Hayden, Colin, and Elena

Elena loved running up and down this trail.  It was pretty fun!  My little runner girl...

The view across the Valley.  The mountains in the way back of the picture are West Virginia!

The little hike ends at the top of Humpback Rock.  That means rocks on the side of the top of the mountain.  To me that means look at the pretty view and take some pictures.  To my kids, their cousins, and the Dad's that meant climb on the rocks.  I could have stopped breathing I was so nervous watching them.  Thankfully all went well and the kids had a blast.  They are so brave!
Elena and John looking....much safer than this....

This was the rock face they had to clim up to reach to point of being able to pull over the ledge like Jonah in the next picture.  

Emma told me that her foot slipped as she was trying to climb over the rock to safety.  She said I hate pull ups at the gym, but I had no problem doing one after I lost my footing.  Goodness!  We had a little chat about the power of adrenaline.

After all that work and stressing, it was time for dessert.  I love watching little kids eat s'mores.  They get all messy and I just love it!

What a great picnic.  Another item checked off our bucket list. Meemaw planned a perfect picnic and evening for everyone!

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