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Monday, July 1, 2013

June Pictures and a Bucket List Update

I am catching up on my June pictures that never made it to my online scrapbook otherwise known as this blog!!

First, when we went to Disney we went to rented a home with a pool.  Because there was eight of us and we were not doing the whole week at Disney experience, a rented home was the better choice.  A bonus was the house had a pool and a game room.  I am pretty sure that they boys and the girls on some level wanted to stay for a long time!  It was lovely and I did feel very spoiled to open my bedroom door and take ten steps to a pool!

At home I had to take the cutest picture of my sweet girls as we left for church.

We did another bucket list activity and made homemade ice cream.  We used rock salt in the baggie thing and it was lots of fun.  It was also a huge mess.  Salt water was all over the kitchen floor!  Our friend Braden was over and he made some with the kiddos as well.

Elena and Samuel helped picked the blueberries and tomatoes.  They love to do that!

Our van hit 100,000 miles on our way to Disney.  I hope it has a few more in it since we are leaving for our East Coast tour in two days!

And perhaps my favorite pictures all month was one I took of us.  It was so hilarious trying to fit us all in, but we did it.  I love this picture because everyone is just so happy!

I cannot believe it is July already!  Where is the summer going?

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