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Monday, July 22, 2013

Riding the ferry and Fort Macon

It is tradition to go to the beach at least once while we are in North Carolina.  We have gone every summer since Elena was 6 months old.  We make the one hour drive to Atlantic Beach which is its own adventure.  To get to the beach we have to take a ferry.  I love that this ferry is free unlike our ferry ride to Eagle Camp.  And, before going to the beach we tour Fort Macon.  This is maybe the third year we have done this.  The day is filled with fun and history!

Ferry ride ... Samuel, Elena, Leah, Maya, Hanna, Emma, and Jonah

I love this sign and it is so true.  The fort is not for the faint of heart.  I am constantly saying "stay in the middle....don't get to close to the edge!"

Fort Macon was built in the 1800's and attacked by Union Soldiers during the Civil War.  After a short battle, the Confederate Soldiers surrendered.  The fort was also used some during WWI and WWII.  The fort is a dream for little children to experience.
Behind all those doors is running space through rooms and connecting hallways.

Cannon replicas

The never ending connecting doorways

The view from inside the fort to the entrance

One of the outside barrier walls

Sitting on the stairs which lead to an underground tunnel

An after lunch photo...I take no credit for Elena's outfit!

Finally, it was time for the beach.  Stay tuned for more on that later....


  1. They all are really growing up, aren't they? I looked at the Pirate pics last, so all 7 of them look like complete, docile angels in these! Dear Elena looks as if she is "right happy" about her outfit..who matched who of that blue-skirted twosome?

  2. I give up....when did they change clothes? I went back up through the pictures and the polka-dots had changed to stars! The beach quad-picture was really neat, by the way!