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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fishing on the Dock

We are now in Oriental, North Carolina for the next two weeks.  The kids love being here for many reasons.  One of them is fishing and on day one here they fished.  My parents have a dock on Dawson Creek which is so large I think it could be called a river.  It is just off the Neuse River.  Fishing is not my thing.  I don't like to touch slimy things, but I am willing to cast lines and help them reel in their lines.  I will also take pictures!

My kiddos have not fished since last summer so some help was needed.  Jonah, for some reason, does not like to cast his line.  He did it one time.  Samuel and Emma were much more independent.  Elena held her rod for about two minutes.  She preferred her boat ride to fishing.

Our fishing night was quite eventful because of what Emma caught.  Kelsey and I did most of the reeling in....actually Kelsey did most of it.  The animal was too strong for Emma and I wanted to document every second with pictures.

Silly Emma thought we could catch this thing in a net.  Finally, after approximately 15 minutes we saw what it was....

Of course, my dad was on the boat and Kelsey and I had no idea what to do with a stingray.  So, we sent Samuel, Emma, and Hanna to get the neighbor.  Apparently there are two choices with a stingray.  The first is to attempt to get it on the dock while trying to avoid being stung by the tail.  Then one can stab it between the eyes and cut it up for bait....um gross!  The kids loved this idea.  Kelsey and I preferred option two which was to cut the line.  The neighbor cut the line.

Bye bye sting ray!

After that incident more normal sized fish were caught.  First, little Leah caught a crocker fish.
Leah was getting some help from her mommy to reel in her fish.

She was very proud of her catch which we threw back into the water.

I was crazy hot and uncomfortable so after about an hour in the hot evening sun with no breeze I went inside.  Not ten minutes later Samuel caught a little perch and I have no pictures of it.  So annoyed by being hot and missing his moment!  Thankfully there will be many more nights of fishing.

Excuse my finger....goodness!

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