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Friday, July 12, 2013

A Pennsylvania Farmer's Market

We are food people.  We love to eat and eat good food. So, of course, one of the things I wanted to do while in PA was to go to a real farmer's market.  I say real because I have never been to another marker like Roots.  Roots is huge and I mean huge.  And, it has the best home grown and baked food ever!  

Roots (not pronounced like a tree root, but more like rutts) is only open on Tuesday.  The entire area around Roots is jam packed full of people and cars.  

My kiddos have not been there in a long time.  Samuel and Elena have probably never been there.  They were exposed to amazing food that we cannot get in Texas.  They saw Amish people which always brings out many questions.  We ate or bought some seriously yummy foods.

Eating her homemade donut

Eating their homemade lemon whoopie pies....one of my favorites, but with a chocolate cake

Probably the kids favorite part was getting penny candy.  There were so many choices for them.  My favorite was finding snowman placemats like my Grandma gave me for Christmas many years ago.  I wanted to add to my collection and now I have six placemats.  For me, the second best part was buying black raspberries.  They are perhaps one of my favorite fruits and I have never seen them in a store in Texas.  I have been eating them non stop since Tuesday!
One of the indoor areas with shopping stalls that go beyond what you can see in this picture.

An outdoor stall with some great looking fruit.

My delicious black raspberries

Tired and hot children when we were finished shopping and eating.  It was a very yummy adventure!

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  1. George calls those Huckleberries. Is that the same? He picks them straight from the bush and eats them! LOVES them. His mom also makes a pie out of them. Glad you're having fun in good old PA.