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Monday, July 15, 2013

Creek Time and Swimming

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the summer is to take the kids to my Aunt Judy and Uncle Gary's house.  They have a great big yard, a creek to play in, and a pool.  I loved playing there as a child and I love sharing it with my kiddos.  

The kids were not too interested in playing in the creek this year.  It has been rainy and on the cooler side so the creek was a little chilly.  Emma was the biggest party pooper and refused to even attempt to walk in the creek.  Can you tell Emma and Elena were a little cold?

At least they did a little better for our family minus Drew picture.

Emma departed for the deck while the rest of us played in the creek.  It was fun and not too cold.

After playing in the creek, we played in the pool.  That water was cold as well so we spent most of the time floating in tubes.  It was wonderfully relaxing!

It is tradition for the kids to eat too many popsicles and play with water balloons.  

Little Owen sat in a little bucket of warm water for maybe 30 minutes.  He was adorably cute!!

It was the best weather day we had in PA and we took full advantage of having tons of fun!  

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