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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pirate Cruise....ARGH!!!!

On Friday most of us went on a pirate cruise in the Neuse River.  I say most of us because Emma, Maya, and Kelsey were missing from our group.  They had headed back to Maryland for Maya's divisional swim meet.  Anyway, the cruise was for 90 minutes and full of pirate adventures.

When we arrived on the boat the kids were given a head scarf to wear.  Their faces were painted with scars and/or beards.  Then their arms were given "tattoos".  After that the kids learned how to fight like pirates with nerf swords.  This was totally hilarious to watch.  The little girls were a little shy during the fight.  Samuel, Hanna, and Jonah had no problems participating in the battle.

After this they learned how to fight other pirate ships using the water guns.  Every child had a turn using the water gun and they loved this.  Everyone got a little wet which was great because it was hot. Of course, there was much practicing of 'ARGH!'.  

When all the pirate skills were mastered, an enemy ship appeared and the battle to return the treasure began.  The battle lasted for approximately 30 minutes.  Each of the kids on the boat took turns manning the guns.  There was lots of shouting "return our treasure....give us back our treasure"!  The little girls were so loud.  They were heard all over the boat and it was hilarious!  The bigger kids loved every minute as well.  Everyone was quite animated and fun to watch.  

Finally our ship won and the treasure was retrieved.  Each child on board received three gold coins which Hanna thought was chocolate and Leah thought it was real.  Everyone had a great time!  It was so much fun to watch the kids play along with the fun!!!

Pirate faces and fun faces....Jonah, Hanna, Samuel, Elena, and Leah!

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  1. You've captured the spirit and fun of this cruise really well. I sure hope Samuel's stitches have healed!! I can hear all of them yelling now....it's so much fun for all around when the kids get into the spirit of things. Great capturing of the rainbow over the pirate ship....or was that the reflection of the jewels on board?