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Sunday, June 2, 2013

From Tiger to Wolf

Today Jonah participated in a rank up ceremony for Tiger Scouts.  His Den met at a local park as Tigers and after the ceremony they graduated to Wolf.   Drew took Jonah so all information is courtesy of Drew and Jonah including the pictures!

At the beginning of the ceremony each boy's neckerchief was removed.  They then left on a hike through the woods during which each boy collected representative symbols of a wolf.  The symbols were a feather (the fur of the wolf), a wolf claw, and the mark of the wolf (red paint on his cheek for the arrow of light).  After the hike, the boys received the Wolf neckerchief.  Lastly, the boys each etched their initials into a piece of leather which will become part of a Pack Banner. 

No neckerchief!
Off they go on the hike

Getting his Wolf neckerchief

Jonah loved all of it and is very excited to be a Wolf.  It is just one step on his Boy Scout journey.  I am very thankful that Drew willingly does with Jonah and loves it as well.  Two years from now Samuel will be a Tiger Scout and he cannot wait!

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