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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Florida Part 2---Jonah's gymnastics meet

The entire reason that Drew and I decided to take a trip to Florida was for a gymnastics meet.  Jonah, as we all know, loves gymnastics.  He loves his coaches and he very much dislikes missing out on anything gymnastics.  Drew and I also have a deep respect and appreciation for Coach Bill, his staff, and his coaching philosophy.   Coach Bill schedules out of town meets to give the athletes a fun experience and exposure to the bigger world of gymnastics.   Because Jonah currently has such a great passion for gymnastics and we could visit family, we felt this would be a great win-win for everyone.  Thus, a trip to Florida to visit family, attend a gymnastics meet, and go to Disney.  Simple and crazy all at the same time!

We left early to visit family and then on Friday we headed to Orlando.  Drew met us in Orlando.  The meet was at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Disney.  This place was amazing.  The Atlanta Braves (boo!) have their spring training there. 

The competition was small, but fun.  There were 7 gymnasts from our gym competing during Jonah's session.  Five competed later in the day.

Getting a little pep talk from Coach Bill
Jonah definitely did not have his best meet.  In fact, he performed his worst vault ever.  That is what happens when missing the springboard.  He rallied and did well on his last two events.  His highest placement was 4th on floor. 

Samuel thought it was pretty awesome that Jonah's name was on the big board!
He placed 8th or higher on pommel, rings, high bar, and parallel bars.  Overall, he finished in 6th place.  He was happy and we were happy for him. 

All Around photo for his age group...Jonah in 6th place
Part of me wishes he had vaulted like normal so he could have medaled in all events.  As his one coach said, the good thing about meets is there is always another one....so true!  Thankfully, the next time Jonah competes it will be as a level 5!  He is ready for a new challenge. 

After the competition we went to a team dinner and had very delicious pizza.  Almost all the boys and their families could attend.  It was a fun evening and nice to socialize with the parents outside of the gym.  All the boys were so silly.  It was a nice way to end the 2012-2013 competition season. 
Coach Wyatt, Coach Bill, and 9 of the boys

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