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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Florida Part I

Last Monday the kids and I left for our two day journey to The Villages, Florida.  We drove 7.5 hours the first day and 6.5 hours the second day.  It was an easy, boring, uneventful drive...thank goodness!

The first night we stayed in Daphne, Alabama.  I found a wonderful outdoor mall where we could eat dinner, eat dessert, and work off some energy.  We walked about the mall area and some stores for almost 3 hours.  There were several cute statues that the kids liked.  It was just what we all needed after many hours in the car.  The best part was discovering an amazing cupcake store.  I really could have eaten every single cupcake in that store.  Words do not do them justice!  We all enjoyed them!

On Tuesday afternoon we arrived at my Aunt Janet's house in The Villages.  The Villages is quite the place....lots of golf carts, pools, dancing, and fun.  We were able to spend lots of quality visiting time with my aunt and my grandfather.  He is 97 and enjoyed so much watching the kids be crazy and silly.  On Wednesday we had a lovely lunch at his retirement home.  My mom, dad, aunt, my grandfather's special girl friend, and all of us dined in a private dining room. 

We spent tons of time at the pool and Samuel learned to swim to without his puddle jumper while we were there!  It was so exciting for both of us and now he is just like a fish!  I was so proud of him.  We swam so much that Elena even took a short nap one afternoon!

Swimming was fun, but I think the highlight for the kiddos was riding in and driving Aunt Janet's golf cart.  Golf carts were everywhere.  It seemed to be the preferred mode of transportation in The Villages. 
It was pretty fun!

Of course, we went to the park.  No trip would be complete without a fun trip to a park.

My super cool bunch!
The Villages have three different squares with evening concerts.  We went to two of them while we were there.  On the second night the square was more crowded and there were many more little kids dancing.  Elena is not shy and she quickly joined a little dance party.  The boys were super cool so they just supervised. 

They also played "duck, duck, goose"
Definitely hands down, my favorite moment from our visit was snapping a picture of Elena dancing with a little boy.  He walked up to her and grabbed her hands to dance.  His mom and I snapped pictures like it was prom night.  I really could stare at this picture all day...I just love their happy faces!
Just melts my heart....
We had a quick visit with my aunt, but it was action packed.  The kids are already wanting to visit each summer!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Your hair is so long and pretty!