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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big News and serious yumminess

As we all know, Emma is a gymnast.  She is a hard-lazy worker all at the same time.  It makes me crazy, but it seems to work for Emma.  One skill Emma knew she needed to move to the next level of skills is the kip.  It is a move on the uneven bars.  I am guessing for maybe 2 months she has been steadily focused on getting her kip.  A few weeks ago she got herself up for the first time.  She has done it several times in a row and sporadically since then until last night.  Last night it all came together and she got her kip for real!  This is a ginormous big deal and we are very proud of her.

At Emma's gym, after getting 3 strong kips in a row the coaches give the gymnast her kip dollar.  Well, here's Emma's dollar!  She wants to frame it!

So that is the big news.  The yummy news is this fancy creation...
Samuel and Elena convinced or should I say bugged me for days to freeze bananas and then mix them into ice cream.  I finally agreed and yesterday we mixed frozen bananas and strawberries and viola....ice cream-custardy-deliciousness!  I think this is the perfect use for over ripe bananas!

Finally, Elena, Emma, and I made a strawberry pie.  I had never made one before this, but I must say it was really good.  I made an oatmeal crust instead of using Pillsbury and it was the perfect compliment to the sweet strawberries.  Again, it was another perfect use of fruit!
this became....

strawberry pie!

Oh, and for anyone keeping track tomorrow is FINALLY the last day of school!

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  1. Congrats to Emma! Very cool!!

    And that strawberry pie looks amazing! We need to go back to the strawberry patch to pick a bunch more so we can make one of those too!