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Friday, June 21, 2013

Florida Part 3...Disney World

When Drew and I were planning our trip to Florida I decided I wanted to take the kids to Disney World.  Drew was not a big fan.  I went several times as a kid and have such good memories of being at Disney.  Again, Drew really could have cared less.  Those kind of places and the associated cost don't make Drew smile.  After much discussion, he agreed and I began researching our day at Disney.   Knowing we only had one day, I really wanted it to be as perfect as possible.  I read several blogs about Disney as well as scouring the Disney site for information.  I created a plan for our day and gave everyone a copy....paper and electronic....nerdy I know!  But, it all worked and we had an unbelievably magical day! 

I bought the kids Disney themed shirts before we left for Florida.  I wanted them to have something fun to wear.  The girls wore Mickey Mouse shirts and I loved them.  Elena loved her shirt and Emma grew to like hers!  The boys had Perry the Platypus shirts.  That was not my first choice, but I was happy that they received several comments on their shirts.    

We took the ferry boat to Disney and came back on the tram.  It was the perfect compromise.

My sister sent her double stroller with my parents for us to use.  It saved car space for me and I knew we would need a stroller.  Elena and Samuel spent the most time riding around the park, but at times Emma and Jonah rested in it as well.  It was also a great place to hang our cooler.  I took tons of snacks and water into the park.  This saved so much money. 

Sunday was Father's Day.  I have to say my kiddos have the best daddy ever for many reasons, but today was not the usual way to celebrate.  Disney was not on his bucket list, but he knew the kids were so excited to go.  He helped give them have the best day ever and I know they really appreciated it. 

My parents were along and that was super helpful.  We had a 1:1 ratio which was great for standing in line, getting drinks, going to the bathroom....you get the idea! It was fun to share the day with them!

It was crazy hot, but we managed.  We took full advantage of the spray stations and the splash pad area.  I kept the kids lathered in sunscreen and we all managed to enjoy the day despite the heat.  It did rain twice, but it did not ruin our day at all.  During the first rainstorm we watched Mickey's Philarmagic Show.  Oh my did the kids love this.  It was a pretty great 10 minute movie.  I highly recommend taking time to see this movie.  The second rainstorm happened when we were eating dinner.

I had my plan and we followed it pretty much to a "t" until about 3:30.  By that time we had been on every ride I knew we had to ride.  We had plenty of time to get on our second list of rides.  Our day was not rushed.  We took full advantage of the fast passes....genius idea!  Emma, Jonah, and Samuel LOVED the three roller coasters.  Splash mountain was their favorite.  Mom and I entertained Elena with the Carousel, the Tea Cups, the Carousel of Progress, and the Buzz Light Year ride.  Elena tried to help us with a little map reading!  I really enjoyed the Buzz ride and Peter Pan.  All the kids...boys too...liked the It's a Small World ride and the Little Mermaid Ride. 

Buzz Light Year
It's a Small World
Aladdin Carpet Ride
Aladdin Carpet Ride
We did not purposely seek out getting signatures from the characters.  I did not want to waste time finding them and waiting in line to get a signature.  If we saw one, we did get signatures.   I had bought a book for this purpose before arriving at the park.  The only exception for this was at the end of our day.  We had about an hour before the parade began so I took the kids to get signatures from the princesses and Mickey. 

Elena's favorite movie is Tangled.  Talking to Rapunzel was a highlight of her day.

Even the boys really liked the princes!

We had some yummy treats.  No trip to Disney would be complete without Mickey Mouse ice cream.  We did not get pictures of some of them because it melted so quickly.  Elena was very proud of her treat!

I took lots of pictures of the kids at various places throughout the park.  The top left picture is in front of Rapunzel's tower...Elena's favorite.  The second was taken at the Little Mermaid Ride.  The third was just for fun.  The last one was in front of signage for a new Seven Dwarf's ride coming next year.

Of course we got the kids souvenirs.  Jonah picked out a hat.  Samuel wanted a Mickey Mouse sword.  Elena got Pasqual from Tangled.  Emma selected a little phone holder/purse.

She had no interest in any more pictures!
Our day ended with the parade.  The kids had no idea what to expect and I was so excited for them to see it.  I had hoped we would make it to 9pm and we did.  I was so proud of all of them.  We did not have any meltdowns.  We had very, very few moments of fussing.  It was just great.  And, they loved the parade.  Their faces were just precious to watch when the parade began. 

It was a great day.  We made so many wonderful memories.  As a mom and a true planner, I also hope that our plan goes perfectly.  Having four kids my plans usually go out the window at some point during our adventures.  But, our day at Disney was perfect.  It truly was and I can honestly say that everyone had a great day....even Drew!

We survived 13 hours at Disney!!

On our way home!

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  1. Looks like a great day full of memories for your kiddos! Well done mama. p.s. next time we go to disney will you plan out my day?