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Monday, June 3, 2013

Elena goes to summer camp

Today was a big day for me and Elena.  It was her first day of summer camp.  It was a big day because we always spend the day together when the kids are at school.  That is what we do and have done since she was born.  I have been away on some trips so we have been apart.  But, the day to day of life has been me and Elena for 3.5 years.  Today off she went and it was just me.  I kind of liked it, but I did miss her!

Elena could not have been more excited to go to summer cooking camp.  She talked about it all weekend...."I get to go to Samuel's school!"  The camp is at the ELCP where they all go/went to preschool.  Elena will attend two days in the fall.  Samuel was slightly excited to be the big brother even though he tried to deny it.  Elena was excited about having her lunch packed, getting her backpack ready, putting on her sneakers....everything!  Her excitement made me too happy to think about missing her!

Love her little sass!

She was tired when I picked her up at 2:30.  She told me all about her day from playing to cooking to napping to playing outside and reading books.  She remembered it all.  She is very excited to go back on Wednesday and play with her new friends!  Again, I am just so happy she loved it!

While they were at school I was able to eat lunch with my 1st grader Jonah and my 4th grader Emma for the last time this year.  I actually took them lunch so they were super happy today too!
He desperately needs a haircut, but is still so cute!

Three more days to go until summer can officially start!!!

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