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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The boys play baseball

Samuel and Jonah play baseball!  I am such a slacker blogger recently that I have not posted about their new activity.  What is really sad is the season started on April 20!  So, one month later here is a little recap of their baseball exploits.

Jonah is a gymnast, but I have always tried to get him to try another sport.  I just think he is too young to be a one sport guy.  He actually wanted to play basketball this past winter, but that is pretty impossible with his gymnastics schedule.  Thankfully, baseball season worked and he wanted to try it. 

Samuel played soccer for two seasons and was pretty much over it.  He decided t-ball would be his new thing and was excited Jonah wanted to play as well.  Because the boys are older they were placed on the I-9 baseball coach pitch team instead of t-ball.  At first that was intimidating to Samuel and he wanted to quit.  He was okay with coach pitch when he learned he could still hit of the "t" if he missed 6 coach pitches.  The person throwing the pitches is Drew.  He is one of the coaches and the boys love that!

Jonah is probably one of the oldest, if not the oldest, on the team.  He can hit the coach pitches, throw well, and he generally knows what he is doing in the field.  Samuel uses the "t" about half the time, can throw the ball well, and needs more guidance in the field.  Overall, I think they are really having fun.  Samuel is definitely happier playing baseball than soccer.  Jonah would definitely still pick the gym, but he goes and has fun.
Love Samuel in this picture
Samuel playing first base
Samuel taking a big swing
Jonah and coach Daddy
Jonah running to first
Each week a team player receives a medal for a different sportsmanship quality.  Last week Samuel earned the medal for determination.  He does play with lots of effort and he had two big coach pitch hits.  Samuel lives to win the medal and he was so very proud.  His face in this picture is just wonderful!

Yesterday Jonah won the medal for humility.  This is hilarious to me because Jonah is not humble.  He loves to boast about and/or speak very confidently about his abilities.  But, on the baseball field I will say he is pretty quiet.  He was pleased!

While the boys play the girls spectate!  We are good cheerleaders or at least good at sitting in our chairs.

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