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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kindergarten registration

Yikes....I registered Samuel for Kindergarten this evening.  He was so excited to go to Haude....to be a big boy!  Samuel cannot wait to be more "equal" with Jonah.  To be at the same school, to have the same routine, to ride the bus, to eat in the cafeteria, and no naps are Samuel's current desires.  He is very ready for this.

All the parents and future Kindergarteners met in the cafeteria.  The kids went to the front to listen to the current Kinder teaches talk about school.  The parents had the pleasure of filling out the same forms that will be sent home again on the first day of school.  Craziest system ever! 

After the little talk the kids went off with their assigned teacher for a story, coloring activity, classroom visit, and snack.  Samuel was a shamrock so he went with Ms. McCoy.  As he left the cafeteria he never looked at me to wave or anything.  It made my heart sad and happy at the same time.  He is ready!

Samuel had a fun evening.  He was not shy answering questions.  He enjoyed being in the class.  When I asked him what the teachers discussed, he could tell me everything.  I know he felt so grown up!

Samuel is definitely ready for August 26th!

On a little side note, here is a picture of Jonah and his reusable man.  He and Drew made it for his Earth Day project.  Jonah had to give a little speech about why recycling is good for the Earth.  His little talk is just too cute and very Jonah! 

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