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Monday, May 20, 2013

Our harvest

Well, summer is here.  It has not yet arrived on the calendar, but that has not stopped Mother Nature.  It is now pretty consistently 90ish degrees and humid.  I just really dislike summer in Houston and that is probably why I leave for most of the summer.  I cannot stand how hot it gets here.

I stop going to parks unless it is at 8am.  It is too hot.  The kids eventually don't even ask to go outside anymore.  Our favorite activity in the summer is swimming.  I am so glad we don't have our own pool.  I would never do any housework if we did.  But, we do have two neighborhood pools within walking distance (we never do because it is too hot)!

We started our summer "all we do is go to the pool" this weekend.  I am so glad my kiddos love to swim and never tire of going to the pool.

Only Jonah needs to be wrapped in a towel when it is 90 degrees!
Emma's friends were at the pool which was great!
When we finally went home, Samuel and Drew discovered our plants were going gang busters with food.  I love, love, love fresh foods from the garden.  I am so happy to have these guys in my salads for weeks to come!
Blueberries for our fruit salads
Homegrown cucumber and cherry tomatoes
The large tomatoes are still getting ripe.  We also have lots of herbs.  We would have asparagus if Yuengling would stop eating it.  I don't know why Drew didn't plant lettuce.  Regardless, fresh veggies are awesome and we are always so sad to eat the store stuff at the end of the summer!

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  1. Very jealous of your ripe blueberries! We have a few weeks..months ..to wait yet.

    The pool is going to be very popular here this summer. We have one in our own yard, but will have to get a solar heater so that the water is warm enough to swim in. Your son is like my middle son. Slight frame and blue lips!