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Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day weekend

We had a busy, busy weekend, but it was relaxing as well.  It all started with Samuel's graduation from preschool on Friday.  Saturday I ran a half marathon in Montgomery (more on that later).  It was only 45-60 minutes away, but we decided I would go by myself.  Because the boys had baseball at noon, the timing was a little tight.  I with they all could of come for a couple of reasons.  When I first arrived at the school, I found this wonderful patriotic garden.  It was so pretty and I immediately wanted Haude to have one as well. 

Each flower box/garden was filled with plants or flowers or both.  Then each box was labeled with some word associated with freedom such as a branch of the military, peace, brotherhood, etc.  Each box had a sign with a teacher's name on it so it was obvious that each class had it own little garden.  What a great idea!  It was so pretty and so done.  I just loved it.

After the race, I headed home for baseball...so very American on Memorial Day weekend.  The best part about baseball now is that it is starting to resemble a real game.  All the team boys are better at understanding run fast to first after hitting the ball, please touch the base, and throw the ball to 1st base after fielding it.  Elena continues to entertain herself with something.  This week it was this....
blowing the dandelions
play in the grass
Of course, we did tons of swimming on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  We also did lots of visiting with our friends!

Riding to the pool and taking the corner a little too fast!

By Monday afternoon everyone was tired and ready for some rest especially Elena. 
Her second nap of the weekend....unheard of for Elena!
Emma made us to some banana chocolate chip muffins.  They were really yummy and a great treat to have after swimming.

It was a fun weekend to be with family and friends.  We are all so ready for summer....8 days and counting!

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