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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Berry Picking

Today was day three of "how much fun can I have with Samuel and Elena" this week.  They are going to a camp next week and then school is over for the summer on June 6th (cannot wait!).  Since this is the last week it will be just the three of us ever, I wanted to have many fun adventures!  After some discussion with Samuel and Elena yesterday we settled on berry picking.  Elena has been asking for strawberry pie...I don't know why....so we went to a place with blackberries and strawberries.

We picked blackberries last year and they tired out so fast.  They look so little!

This year there was lots of energy.  They carried their own buckets even when full.  They never fussed about the thorns on the blackberry bushes.  They did not complain about the heat or ask to leave one time.  I think it was the most perfect outing ever!

Two full buckets and two happy kiddos!
We picked more than I thought.  I will be baking a bunch in the coming weeks and freezing some of the blackberries.  Today we made a lemon blackberry sponge cake.  It is tart, but quite yummy!  This weekend Elena will get her strawberry pie!

My kitchen helpers too!

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