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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Patapsco State Park....crazy adventure

On Thursday Kelsey and I took the kids to Patapsco State Park. We planned to hike, wade in the creek, walk across a swinging bridge, and play at a waterfall. It looked like a beautiful park and it was, but our day did not go as planned. 

We hiked to a dam which was pretty. The kids...especially my kids...loved being in the woods. The dam was unexpected because we thought we were on the trail to the waterfall. Oops!  We figured out how to read the map more accurately and finally headed to the waterfall. It was a rocky hike, but pretty and fun!  

The waterfall was small, but fun. There were some wading pools that the kids loved. Even Jack had lots of fun. For a while the kids played in the water and climbed on the rocks. 

After about an hour of playing we decided it was time for lunch so we planned to hike back to the car. That's when we heard this loud noise and knew a mountain biker had crashed. Kelsey and I spent almost the next two hours helping the injured biker and his friend. He was seriously injured and it took forever for paramedics to get to him. Thank goodness we had cell service! The kids were awesome. They immediately realized this was a serious situation and they were good. Two hours later we were able to leave because help arrived. I was thankful we were there to help. It definitely changed our plans for the day. 
The kids were fascinated by the number of fire trucks on scene. I think it was six. 

After we hiked back out we crossed the swinging bridge. It was fun and Kelsey was not a fan. It didn't swing much but it was noticeable. 

We decided that our unexpected adventurous day deserved a treat so Rita's it was. Custard for the win!

It was a crazy day. We had some of our own injuries. We had lots of fun. It was a day to remember. Then again no day with Kelsey and her crew is boring!

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