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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Family reunion Flowers style

Our family lives all over the US so getting together is always a challenge and doesn't happen regularly. The last time this happened on the Flowers side was two years ago and before that was six years ago.  When my Aunt Janet suggested a gathering at Kelsey's everyone made it work. It was a crazy, fun filled few days. 

My Aunt Janet and cousin Sean live in Florida. My parents and Kristin live in PA. With Kelsey being "centrally" located for us and my aunt and cousin we all gathered in Bowie, MD. Eighteen people invaded and Kelsey and Scott could not have been more generous and gracious in hosting!

Most of our time was spent visiting, eating, drinking, and goofing off with the kids. Back yard games like corn hole and can jam are the best with so many people. We visited a few parks, went to the beach, and played tourists in Annapolis. 

The first park we visited had a Wizard of Oz themed playground. It was very cool and the kids really liked it. We also rode the train, went to a nature center, and visited the animal farm. Watkins Park is a pretty awesome park. 

Maya and Hanna also had their All Star swim meet on Saturday. I am guessing no other swimmer had such a large cheering section. Both girls did great. 

The beach was on the Chesapeake Bay. Other than all the seaweed it was fun. The kids were thoroughly entertained playing in the sand and throwing the frisbee. With 18 people it's impossible not to have fun. 

Annapolis is always fun. I love that town. We walked around the Naval Academy, ate a yummy dinner at the dock, and paid way too much for Samuel's ice cream!

Kelsey is still trying to convince Samuel to join the Navy instead of the Army. I don't know if she is being successful, but he did really enjoy watching the cadets practice lowering the flag. 

We played a fun and competitive game of kickball. Even Jack and Owen played with a little help from their daddy's. 

Kelsey and Scott had a donut taste test Monday morning!  Scott bought donuts from three different places and the kids taste tested 8 different types.  The donuts from Krispy Kreme were the favorites. 
It was a great couple of days. So much laughter and great memories were made! Thank you Aunt Janet for sending a text with the idea for a summer get together! Thank you Kels and Scott for hosting the invasion!  

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