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Monday, August 29, 2016

Not enough time

We spent tons of time with Kelsey and her family this summer, but it is never enough.  Before we headed to Vermont we had about 36 hours with just Kelsey, Scott, the girls, and Jack....not enough time!  But, we jammed packed those 36 hours with fun!

Our first adventures was Six Flags.  I really don't like amusement parks at all.  I hate roller coasters and any ride that spins.  However, Emma did not get to go with us last summer because of gymnastics and her broken finger.  So, I was easily talked into taking everyone again.  The park is literally ten minutes from Kelsey's house.  They have a season pass because it is so easy for them to go.  All the kids except Samuel and obviously Jack are adrenaline junkies.  Elena and Leah would love to go on the big rides, but they aren't tall enough yet.  The older kiddos would spend all day on the roller coasters.  It was a great day to chat with Kelsey because we did a lot of waiting!

Jack needed a little nap

These four spend much of the day together.  Samuel doesn't like the roller coasters and he doesn't mind riding the "kiddy" rides.  He was so sweet helping Jack on the rides.  He also spend some time just hanging with me while we waited for people to get off of rides. 

Mostly the roller coaster junky group

Six flags was our big adventures.  The remainder of our time together was just filled with playing.  These sweet cousins are truly best friends.  They get along so well and really always want to be together.  It is such a joy!

Olympic Ring snacks....awesome right?
Jonah would spend every second playing with Jack if he could.  They are definitely good buddies!

Wax museum tag...so fun to watch!

Kels and Scott are two of my favorite people!  They are so inviting and welcoming.  We pack tons of crazy and they never mind that we invade for so long (except this summer).  I know our next adventure together will be awesome.  I just wish I knew when that would be!

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