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Sunday, December 4, 2016

First Day of School 2016

My babies are growing up so fast!  This year three are at Haude Elementary and Emma is at Strack.  Emma is in 8th grade and it's her last year at Strack!  She is taking all advanced classes, Spanish, and two high school credit classes.  She is still playing the cello and taking weekly lessons for that.  And, to add to her busy schedule she is in the gym 16 hours a week.  Wow!

Jonah is in 5th grade and it's his last year at Haude.  Jonah loves everything about school except writing.  He is a good student!  He is still loving gymnastics and is in the gym 12-14 hours a week.

Samuel is in 3rd grade.  He enjoys school too!  Science and math are his favorite.  He is beginning his first season of tackle football and will be playing fall baseball.  He will be busy!  

Elena is in 1st grade.  She thinks school is awesome.  She loves to read and learn in general.  She always tries to keep up with her siblings.  Elena is going to take a swim class once a week because it is her new found love!

They were all excited for the first day of school especially Jonah. I think he was ready to be back in routine.  Everyone was excited to see their friends.  Having happy children on the first day of school is a blessing! 

I know they will all have a great year.  I really pray that Emma and Jonah enjoy 8th and 5th grade.  Life changes for them in a big way next year!

And, just because it was the first day of school didn't mean I put my kids to bed early Sunday night.  That would be the responsible thing to do.  Instead I opted to take Emma and Samuel to a Dierks Bentley concert.  They might have been a little tired on the first day, but we had so much fun at the concert.

Randy Houser was the opening act and I love his music!  That is why I really wanted to go to the concert.

I am so glad my kiddos are always up for crazy adventures and love country music.  And, as a side note, everyone did have a great first day. 

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