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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Our October

Our fall was so crazy busy.  Samuel played tackle football and fall baseball which meant he had to stop piano.  That was sad for all of us, but we are planning to begin lessons again in January.  Elena began taking a swim class.  Thankfully that was only one time a week.  Emma and Jonah did not have competitions this fall, but they continued to practice four days a week.  They also had cello and guitar lessons.  Busy!

Samuel playing tackle football was a big deal for us and that will be its own post.  It was a fun month of learning to lose and how to be a better player and team.  He practiced three nights a week and had games Saturday morning.

This was the first season Samuel played for the Dillers.  With football being his main priority he attended as many baseball practices as possible.  Most Mondays and Thursdays Samuel would go directly from one practice to the other.  His dedication to both sports was pretty amazing.  Playing baseball this fall was a good experience since it was the first time for kid pitch.  Whew!  What a difference from coach pitch!  There were ten games this fall with five double-headers on Sundays.  Samuel is learning to pitch, but it's not his favorite thing yet.  He played centerfield for every game.  Baseball will resume again in January. 

In between managing all the kids sports and their schedules, I managed to run a half marathon.  My friend and I went to College Station for a quick overnight.  We had fun. The race could have gone better for sure, but I can say I finished a race inside Kyle Field (the Texas A&M football stadium).  That was pretty cool!

 I went to the Luke Bryan concert with my friend Christina.  It was a super fun night!

Jonah learned to played a Chris Young song in October which made him actually like to practice.

Emma and I did some volunteering.  We organized a wreath craft at the annual NCL craft day.  That was a crazy task for me since I am not crafty at all!  It is a challenge to volunteer lots because of her gymnastics schedule, but we enjoy our time together when we have it!

Of course October means Halloween and it was a big event as usual.  We don't carve pumpkins because the heat and humidity cause the pumpkins to rot within a day or two.  So, we paint them and the kids love creating a masterpiece of a different kind.

Jonah decided he wanted to be Darth Vader.  Emma was Holy Guacamole...so creative!  Elena was Rey and Samuel was a camo ninja.  Elena decided to be Rey when she learned two of her best friends were going to be BB8.  She wanted to go with the Star Wars theme and I guess Jonah did too.  We trick or treated with friends and had a fun Monday night. 

The other big event in October was Field Day.  This was Jonah's last field day at Haude.  It was a crazy hot day, but the kids had lots of fun.

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