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Monday, December 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Jonah

On September 25th my dear sweet Jonah turned 11. Eleven years ago Jonah was born at night in a blazing fast way.  He was so still and calm as a baby.  That has so changed because he now is one active boy who can't sit still for anything.  He is in constant motion!  He is still mostly calm, but there is fire within him.  He is definitely tender-hearted.  He is my sensitive soul who is older than his 11 years.

For his birthday he wanted to go to the zoo.  Jonah loves the zoo and especially loves monkeys.  Because we only had so much time Jonah played tour guide and planned our way through the zoo.  Monkeys, gorillas, large cats, giraffes, seals, and elephants were on the itinerary.  It was so hot that the kids spent a good bit of time at the spray stations.

He wanted Whataburger for lunch

Jonah is not a hard child to make happy.  He likes to read, play thinking games, and be in quiet environments.  So, birthday shopping was pretty easy.  He was so excited about his books and chess!


A few weeks after his birthday Jonah celebrated with a small group of friends.  They played minute to win it games and it was hilarious.  Watching those boys try to complete the "easy" challenges was funny!  Some of those games were admittedly harder than initially thought.  Silly boys!

At age 11, Jonah loves are:

Harry Potter books and anything mystical
Riding his bike
Playing video games
Playing thinking games like chess
Going to school
Sleeping late tucked under 5 blankets no matter the weather
Playing at parks so he can climb

Happy Birthday my sweet Jonah!  I know age 11 is going to be fun and exciting and full of changes.  Daddy and I are excited to be on this journey of finishing 5th grade/elementary school with you and experiencing gymnastics at a new gym. Love you!!!!

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