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Monday, December 26, 2016

Annual Galveston Beach Weekend

Over Labor Day weekend we made our annual trip to Galveston for the long weekend.  We stayed at a new place, but still on the beach.  The weather was perfect with the exception of a few late afternoon showers and we had a lot of fun.

Everyone enjoys being on the beach playing, fishing, or swimming.  We have accumulated enough beach toys that everyone is happy!  I like to read and watch the kids play.  Drew likes to fish.  The kids like to play in the water and the sand and fly the kite.  We went to the pool each afternoon just to get a break from the beach.  It was a small pool, but big enough to have fun.

Drew and the boys, mostly Samuel, did some night fishing in the bay.  I don't think they ever caught anything, but they had fun.  We all joined them for a little bit, but boredom sets in pretty quickly when the fish aren't biting.

Traveling by ourselves makes it hard to take family pictures at times, but we managed.  The kids willingly (kind of) took nice beach pictures, but we couldn't get a good family pic.  Maybe next year!

Going to the beach is always the best way to spend the last official weekend of summer.  After so much summer travel it is a good way to reconnect before the full-on insanity of the fall begins.  It is also wonderful to spend time together just the six of us.  Who wouldn't want to spend time with those wonderful faces?!

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