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Friday, December 30, 2016

Elena is 7!!!!

How does it happen that my baby is 7!?  It's true because on December 18th Elena turned 7.

I don't even know what to say about Elena.  She is the sweetest and sassiest thing ever!  Elena is going to make Drew and me crazy the older she gets.  She is so pretty, so funny, so lovable.  Elena is truly filled with joy.  She tells funny stories. She loves to socialize and she makes friends with everyone.  Her passions are coloring, her dolls, her friends, swimming, and reading.

We celebrated with her friends a week before her birthday.  Emma and Elena decided upon a pancake and pajama party.  Her friends arrived at 9am for a pancake and hot chocolate breakfast.  We did two crafts and then opened gifts.  It was super short and sweet! 

Elena has a great group of friends from school and church.  I am so thankful for them!

A week later Elena officially turned 7 and was sick!  It was horrible.  The poor girl couldn't have her birthday ice cream so she settled for sherbet.  By dinner time she managed to eat some of her requested meal and her Angel Food cake.  Her favorite gift was a hula hoop.  She is really good at it!

Elena spends so, so, so much time waiting and watching her siblings.  It is hard to be the littlest sister of three very active older siblings.  I am so thankful that she can self-entertain, that she is happy to play in the car, that she is happy to play with whomever, that she is easy going!  I do love all the time I get to spend with her. 

My dear, sweet and sassy girl!  We love you!  Happy Birthday Elena Joy!

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