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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Eagle Camp 2016 version

Every year for one week all we do is play.  There are no responsibilities.  I don't have to plan or prepare meals.  I don't even have to clean up after a meal.  I get a nap each afternoon.  Someone makes our beds each day.  I can do whatever I want and so can Drew and so can the kids.  The only rule for the kids is to let us know where they will be and with whom.  Oh, and be home by Taps.  That's it so go have fun!  And fun we did have this year.  The weather was so close to perfect.  The lake had an inviting water temperature.  So much family, so much fun, and so much relaxing to squeeze into one week!

Camp "rules" on the back of every "greenie" door
To me Vermont is one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I simply love it and can't believe this was the 21st summer I have been to camp.  I suggested not going to summer because of the Olympics.  It was immediately vetoed by my family. They were wiser than me!

When I say we hardly see the kids all week I really mean it.  There are so many cousins and other camp friends to keep them entertained for hours.  They know where they can and can't go and best of all....it's very safe!  After breakfast the kids take off for the day.  Elena went to playschool each morning from 9-12.  The other three just played or swam.  We saw Emma the least and I suspect it's because she is the oldest.  She misses us by Friday...at least that is what Drew and I tell ourselves!

Coffee before breakfast anyone?

Golf Croquet...Drew and Samuel just squeaked out a victory
These two made it to the 3rd round of the shuffleboard tournament...crazy!

Bocce...the only tournament Jonah likes and we didn't win.
We stay in the cutest little cabin.  It is a two story four room cabin with lights and cold water.  At camp this is a total luxury!  This year they put in a "greenie" right next to our cabin.  Oh happy day to have a bathroom and shower right next door.

The boys liked snorkeling and taking out the kayaks.  They had hoped to show off their newly acquired sailing skills, but the sunfish was not in sailing shape.  Samuel was so disappointed!

Each evening there is an activity.  Monday is Bingo, Tuesday is tie dye, Wednesday was softball/baseball after the picnic, Thursday was flag football and slip 'n slide, and Friday is the talent show.  Everything is about tradition.  Everyone pretty knows what to expect when and that is part of the beauty of camp.

Elena and Lauren's last playschool talent show skit
We always take a picture by the Eagle Camp sign.  Can't break tradition.  And, this year we took a big family picture in the chapel.  Meemaw was surrounded by lots of love!

Special memories, special family, special friends in a very special place.  Eagle Camp on Lake Champlain is a pretty magical way to end our summer travels!


  1. awesome pics. looks like a great time!

  2. You explain it so well. And I love all the pictures! Having everyone there with few responsibilities sure is wonderful. I love having time with the kids, sometimes all together and sometimes with just one or two. What a joy!!!