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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Cousin time and more fun pictures from North Carolina

Emma spends as much time as she can with Maya and Hanna.  The only time she spent apart from them was when she was at the gym.  They are best friends and I hope that never changes.

She was really good at paddle boarding

Elena and Leah are also attached at the hip.  They are only four months apart and are basically the same person.  They are too cute together even when they are arguing!

Jonah is my little loner.  He kind of does his own thing.  Sometimes he plays with his cousins, but he was sick for a bunch of our visit.  So if he did socialize he was playing with Jack or hanging around in the background. 

Samuel goes with the flow and wherever the action is.  He will play with anyone and do everything.

 Emma organized the 2016 Cassalina Olympics.  The games were silly and fun and enjoyed by all!

Post competition and very wet from water balloon baseball
I also took lots of random but fun pictures because that's what I love to do!

Lots and lots and lots of pizza

Leah's hair is hilarious!
Jack didn't want to kayak with me!
Post workout picture and obviously Elena was a little flustered from the exercise
It rained on the 4th and we were cold!

Samuel wasn't allowed to drink the beer he's holding I promise!
Mammy and Pappy's Motley Crew

 Until next time Dawson Creek

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