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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tubing in the San Marcos River

On Sunday we decided to do a totally Texas activity and go tubing.  None of us had been tubing in Texas previously so this was a first for us all!  We woke up super early so we could arrive by 10.  We don't own tubes so we had to rent them. And we wanted to be there somewhat before it got really crowded.

We rented 7 tubes so we could tube with our lunch. We also rented some flat bottom tubes so the girls and the food could stay out of the water. Then we tied some tubes together so we wouldn't lose Elena or our food.  It was a learning process that we will be better prepared for next time!

So early and so empty which changed quickly by noon. Still, even with all the people it never felt too crowded. 

The kids liked tubing, but not as much as me and Drew. I thought it was wonderfully relaxing. The boys and the girls some liked the falls the most. There were three small rapids that the boys jumped into or tubed down forever.  Elena liked it until she got stuck and couldn't get to the correct side of the river. She was definitely scared, but kept a brave face!  Emma thought the rapids were just alright. 

We were on the river until 4-4:30. It was a long, fun day.  There was plenty of shade so it was not too hot despite being a 100 degrees. And the water was really cold which felt awesome!

The boys had so much fun that they fell asleep about ten minutes into our drive home. This was quite impressive because Jonah rarely sleeps in the car. 

We stopped at our favorite burger place in the Hill Country for dinner. Roadhouse is so so good!  It was the perfect ending to our family adventure day!

Drew planned a great day for us. I am so thankful for him and all the fun we have as a family!  We will definitely go tubing again and hope to try out all the different rivers. 

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