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Monday, July 25, 2016

Elena's first swim season...GO Sharks

Elena brought home a flyer in February asking if she could join the swim team.  My first reaction was no.  I couldn't imagine another activity on our schedule, but she was so excited.  And, this was the first activity that she really wanted to do separate from her siblings and friends.  How could we say no?  We said yes.

Swim practice began in April.  I had no idea what to expect.  I knew she could swim, but the length of the pool...no clue.  Could she swim backstroke...no idea.  It was going to be interesting.  Well Elena can swim and she did decently well.  She could swim the length of the pool on the first day and backstroke too.  The best part...she LOVED it!  The second best part was that most of her friends were swimming too.  Elena had a sport she loved and she could socialize all the time!  The third best part was a quick season because by the end of June it was over!
Practice meet

Elena managed to improve enough to swim on the "A" relay.  That was very exciting for her.   She loved getting medals and ribbons because her siblings have so many.  She wanted some of her own!  She swam at three invitationals in individual events and on the freestyle relay. She had her best meet of the season at Divisionals swimming all personal bests.  Those times qualified her for the All Star meet.  That was not her best day, but she definitely achieved more than she could have imagined (me too) during her first swim season.  She is already wondering when she can start swimming again!
Swim friends and siblings
Emma came to almost all her meets!

I think Elena is the prettiest little thing in a swim cap.  I'm not sure how that is possible, but she managed the look quite well!

I just adore this picture of Elena sitting and waiting on the block.  She really liked every part of swimming....practice and the meets.  Drew and I are so happy that she seems to have found "her thing".  We also love that she has wonderful friends on her team!

One of her favorite people in the world

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