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Monday, July 18, 2016

Our adventures in North Carolina

We spent the beginning of July in North Carolina with Mammy and Pappy.  Kelsey and her crew came as did Megan!  Good times and it is never long enough for anyone.  Despite living too far apart these sweet cousins are the best of friends and soak up every minute of their time together.  Our time together this year was not about big adventures, but just spending time playing and enjoying the fun of being on the creek and river.  Basically we spent all our time swimming, boating, tubing, kayaking, fishing or playing at the beach.  What's not to love!

Samuel and Hanna had the one great adventure with Mammy and Pappy. The went sea fishing about four miles out into the Atlantic.  They were gone all day and had the best time.  It was quite the successful day.  Everyone caught something which was awesome for dinners.  But, Samuel had the best catch of the day.  He tried to reel his fish in by himself, but after about 20 minutes of trying he gave his pole to Pappy.  It was a huge dolphin fish!  In case you were wondering it was delicious!

Pappy bought a sunfish this year.  The boys went to sailing camp before the rest of us arrived which they loved.  It was great to see them sail the sunfish.  They learned so much.  Drew and Samuel sailed in the river, but Jonah preferred to stay in the creek.  I think Drew was the happiest man on earth that he could sail all the time.

As expected we spent some time at the nearby beach.  There was a shark attack I think the week before we arrived so we passed on Atlantic Beach.  Instead we went to the beach on the Neuse River.  The love it just the same and it is just a quick boat ride away instead of an hour drive.

Playing at the beach is hard and tiring....look at the kiddos!

I really tried not to take a thousand pictures, but I love documenting our life.  I know someday my kiddos will appreciate all these documented memories!  More to come....

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