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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015....a look back

With less than 12 hours to go in 2015 I can hardly believe another year is coming to a close. With the kids being busier and busier each year I swear that time passes more quickly. It's true I know it!

I have spent a lot of time thinking about 2015 this past week. My initial thoughts were I am so glad this year over. It has been a mess. All I could think about at first was the challenging and way too hard parts of our year.  We spent way too much time in doctor's offices. We spent way too much time missing events because of injuries.  We spent a lot of time struggling with sports.  I was seriously bummed by all this. Then I read my friends post on Facebook about working hard-struggling through the muck to get to the good stuff. Is it worth it?  That was her question and that made me really rethink all the struggles Emma and Jonah had with gymnastics and thus me and Drew. Was it worth it?  I think the hard work made the rewards all that  sweeter. Emma now smiles when talking about gymnastics. Jonah is progressing and ready to compete again. It was hard, but the uphill battle resulted in huge smiles in the end. 

Then I thought 2015 wasn't all that bad. Good things, fun things happened all year long. I looked at the crazy number of pictures on my phone and great memories made me smile.  We did struggle, but our year was filled with great joy and happiness. 

So here is what I choose to remember about our 2015...

Running the Austin 3M half marathon with Susan in January. Helping her achieve a running goal was rewarding for both of us. 

Our Rice baseball game adventures began in February and ended in June. It was a lot of time at the ballpark, but fun for everyone. 

I turned 40 in February and my friends helped me celebrate!

In March we did some redeoing and had a blast!

Drew and I finally had a honeymoon. We spent 5 days in Roatan in May and it was amazing!

In May Elena graduated from Pre-K!

In June Jonah and I went to Las Vegas for a gymnastics meet. Hanging in Vegas with a 9 year old was very PG and also exciting!

We spent a bunch of time this summer on a boat in North Carolina and enjoyed every minute. Our time in Oriental was good to us as always. 

In July Elena and Jonah participated in a gymnastics exhibition at Minute Maid park. That in itself was fantastic and getting to watch the Astros beat the Red Sox was icing on the cake of our day!

Imagine Dragon concert with Drew...can't wait to see them again!  No words for how great the concert was!!!

Time with cousins and my sisters in MD and PA...priceless summer moments. 

Zach, Meg and I at the wedding!  Let's do it again next summer!!

Hiking in the Adirondacks in August

Eagle Camp was not as wet and everyone had a fantastic time with more cousins and family. 

Galveston for Labor Day continued a great family tradition and the weather was perfect!

Aunt Janet visited for almost an entire week in October. 

Samuel played two seasons of flag football. The experience was awesome and he grew so much as a player. 

Emma qualified for the Level Five State meet. It was the biggest accomplishment of anyone in our family all year. So unbelievably proud of Emma. 

A girls getaway to Ft. Worth...yes please!

We got Ranger in November.  Still trying to decide if this was a highlight, but at least he's cute. 

I ran the Philly Marathon in November    and spent the weekend with Susan and her friends.  Again no words to describe the experience...

For the first time in years we spent Thanksgiving  week with family in PA and MD. We split out time between Bowie and The Cottage. Seeing family at a time when we usually don't was a blessing for all of us. 

My Favorite Things...always a highlight. 

Christmas and the Christmas season was fast, busy, and crazy, but wonderful. 

So yes there were struggles. Emma and Jonah overcame them. Drew and I survived them.  We are definitely hoping for a healthier 2016 and less time on the sidelines.  But the highlights were worth the struggles. They always are in my opinion.  It was a memorable year!

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