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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Our Christmas week traditions

Oh my gosh do I love that my kiddos have off the entire week before Christmas. Emma has off from the gym, football is over, and Jonah practices in the morning. Read we have daytime together and dinners!!  This entire month has been so crazy that feeling the joy and meaning of Christmas has been lacking for me. Now don't get me wrong. There have been moments of "really" and stress this week too, but overall so much better. As a family we have finally had time together at our house.  So, in our time together we have focused on enjoying our Christmas traditions. 

First we went to see Santa. Initially this was one of my "really" moments. On Monday Santa closed for his 3pm lunch at 2:40. I thought Elena was going to burst into tears. So back we went today and another "really" moment happened. Elena didn't want to go....whatever kiddo. We went and Drew got to come as well. Cool little bonus!

Yes it was hot and no one matches, but who cares!  They are smiling and this just might be one of my favorite pictures. 

And from Monday...

Yes Jonah is wearing the same shirt. Don't judge!

The next tradition was decorating gingerbread houses. Each one gets their own house to decorate as they please. I helped Samuel some mostly with putting on icing. Drew helped Elena just a bit more, but most of the work was her creativeness. 

Our last fun tradition is baking and decorating cut out sugar cookies.  We made our cookies today with the AC cranked to 70 because it is so warm! This one gets easier every year as they get older. Samuel and Emma wanted to help roll out the dough and Elena did a bit more of the cookie cutting. Of course this year I decided to add icing instead of just sprinkles to the mix. The results were interesting and just like their houses very similar to their personalities. 

Emma's iced sugar cookies. 





We had a super fun day of baking. These are my favorite cookies, but I hate icing. I guess I won't get to eat as many this year....bummer!

Christmas traditions with this crew are some of my favorite moments with them!

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