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Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve 2015

One day to go and everyone is very excited. As is tradition the kids received one gift this morning. It is funny how this gift is given later and later each year. I went running and Emma was still sleeping at 9. I kind of really like the kids starting to sleep later!!

Our day wasn't too crazy. We finished getting ready for Christmas and did our Christmas story activities with the kids.   Then off to church we went. Elena, Samuel, and Jonah were in the Christmas play. Elena was Mary and the boys were shepherds. Being a proud mom I have to say that they did great. Honestly they did!  Everyone remembered their lines and sang so nicely. 

Mary and her shepherds

Yes shepherds wear red converse shoes!

I love our church and think it is especially beautiful at Christmas. Some of my favorite pictures each year are taken by "the forest of trees" at church. 

Once we returned home we prepared for Santa. The cookie and carrot plate was put together. The letter to Santa was written.  And reindeer food was sprinkled in the front lawn. Finally a quick Christmas show was watched before checking out NORAD and going to bed!

 Merry Christmas Eve family and friends!

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