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Monday, December 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Elena Joy

My sweet Elena turned 6 last Friday!  Sometimes this doesn't seem possible and other days it feels like she should be 20 because of her sassiness.  It is hard to believe that my tiny baby girl is an active, full of life Kindergartner. 

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for breakfast

Elena is a sweet, happy little girl.  
She loves to color, draw, paint, and really do anything crafty.  
She likes to sing and dance.
As much as she is a little princess Elena can get dirty outside with her brothers in no time at all.
Elena worships Emma.
She loves to play with Samuel.
Elena and Jonah struggle the most, but their nice times are the sweetest!
She is really enjoying learning to read and thinks math is too easy.
Elena loves to play with her friends and makes "friends" everywhere we go.
Elena still things Frozen is the most awesome movie ever.
Elena pushes or attempts to push the boundaries more than her siblings.
Elena is filled with sass which is both cute and other times not so cute.
Elena is still figuring out what her thing (sport) is.
Elena really likes school.

Samuel was helping her read her birthday card
Her favorite little gift
Lucky girl had a celebration with me and Drew on Friday and with her friends today.  On Friday everyone had an activity except Elena....this is our norm!  So, Drew and I decided to take Elena out to dinner for her birthday.  We agreed on Hasta la Pasta for spaghetti which was better than Elena's original thought of Chick-Fil-A.  We had such a fun date with our sweet girl.  I really think she enjoyed the 1-1 time with us.  Her sweet little spirit shined.

I just love this.  She twirled without a thought to anything around her

I want tiramisu mom.....really?
Do I like it?
Today we had her birthday party.  It is tricky to have a birthday in December for many reasons and one week before Christmas poses its own set of challenges.  I was so happy to find a date that all her friends could come and a theme that was fun, but not "Christmasy".  So we had a snowman party today and thanks to the creative people on Pinterest we had lots of fun!

Elena invited five friends and Emma and her two friends helped.  Thank goodness for 12 and 13 year old girls!!  We did two crafts and played two games.   They made hot chocolate snowmen and painted an ornament.  The games were fun, but the silliest was definitely trying to draw a snowman on their heads.  That caused lots of giggles!

Little girls crafting
Ashlynn, Emma, and Sadie crafting
Older girls Popsicle stick ornaments
Snowmen hot chocolate
Little girls ornaments....the comparison makes me laugh!
Lunch was of course snowman themed and was the snowman cupcake cake.  After lunch, cake, and presents they watched Frosty the Snowmen.  That was it.  Fun activities, eating, and a little resting.  It was a blast for everyone!!

I am so thankful that Elena has a sweet group of friends.  I am even more thankful they could all help her celebrate being 6 today!!!!  Thank you mom and dads for bringing them!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Elena....we do love you so much and do think you are such a joy to us!!!!

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