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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

My Favorite Things

Every year I host a My Favorite Things party. It is always the second Friday in December. I have 12 months to figure out my gift and to be prepared.  It is one of my Christmas season highlights. 

Well let me tell you....up until Thursday night I was dreading the party. I have felt so busy and overwhelmed this month. So very behind on my to do list. My cup was not feeling very full of joy and merriment.  I was a crazy woman last week getting ready for the party and trying to take care of my normal daily things.  But, Thursday night I made a choice to be excited about the party. To know that my friends wouldn't care if my house wasn't "perfect". To know that I would have fun even if I bought chips and dip at Kroger. 

Well my change in attitude helped me feel calmer. I managed to get everything finished with some help from Drew. Thanks babe!!  And all that stress was worth it. I do think it was the best My Favorite Things party yet!!

We had yummy food. The gifts were creative and fun. The company was amazing. We laughed a lot.  We smiled a lot. It was a fun, joyful evening. 

This year my favorite thing was running. My friend Carmalyn almost left when I said that!  No, I didn't give running shoes. I gave an E-band and a mug with a cocoa packet. I always run with a headband and I love chocolate milk or cocoa after a run. Carmalyn was on board with my gift after some explaining!!

The gifts given this year were

A book from Natalie
A pineapple corer from Laurie 
Brownie treats and chocolate from Tami
Oven mitt & flour scoop from Ann Marie
Bracelets from Kim
A bag and necklace from Carmalyn
A candle from Norma
Wine from Tanya
Hair oil from Paula
Wall flower and scent from Becah
Screen cleaner/kit from Michelle
Ornament from Jenn

All wonderful and fun happy things!!  It is so much fun to hear why each person picked their item. That might be my favorite part. 

Love you all and thanks for another wonderful evening and celebration of Christmas!!!

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  1. lol... yes, glad I didn't go "running" out the door upon your introduction!!! lol Thank you for all you do to pull us together for a lovely, lovely night!!! xoxoxo