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Monday, December 21, 2015

Ellie the Elf

I am not entirely sure who still believes in the magic of the Elf in our house. It doesn't really matter because three of four still search for him (yes they say it is a him even though the name is Ellie) eagerly first thing every morning.  If I have been super clever the search has cut into school prep time a little too much. Other days I just get a sigh from them. Samuel and Elena really want clever and fun. It's a lot of pressure because I am not that clever!!  Thankfully other people are. 

In the name of helping out other moms I thought I would share some of Ellie's fun from this month. After all there are still two more hiding days to go!  

 Ellie returned with a note for the kiddos!

He decorated half of the kitchen with bows. They are still up. 

A little toilet paper fun. 

Ellie had a relaxing day at the pool. 

He listened to some tunes. 

Ellie invited the kids to find the candy canes he took from the tree and hid. 

He was held up by the army men and Samuel just loved this one!

He wrote a teeth brushing reminder. Jonah was concerned about cleaning the mirror. So strange!

Ellie didn't move one night so he apologized mid day with a note and treats. He was forgiven. 

He played war games one day and Samuel loved this one too. 

Ellie tried out for The Voice. 

He prayed at the nativity. 

Ellie brought breakfast. 

Ellie had some high flying antics go wrong one day. 

So there you have it. Some of the best of Ellie from 2015. Do share because I have two more days to go and I am kind of out of good ideas!!

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