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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Our Christmas Break

15 days...that is how long my kiddos were home with no school. It was awesome. I love and they love sleeping in, no homework, staying up late, playing all day, watching too much tv, and playing with friends.  Unfortunately and fortunately they returned to school today. They might not have been ready, but I was. 

We had a great break. We mostly stayed home and played. We had a few adventures and Grammy and Grandpa visited for a few days. It was a busy and relaxing two weeks. 

I had a sweaty but good 17 mile run the day after Christmas. One week later and I was dressed like this....

Some park fun once the weather finally changed and it felt like a Houston winter. 

These two nuts played in Ranger's kennel. He was unimpressed. 

Drew and I went on a real actual date!  We went out to a nice restaurant where something besides chicken nuggets is served. Then we went ice skating at Discovery Green. Finally we looked at Christmas lights in River Oaks. Such fun!

New Year's Eve was super low key. We stayed home, watched footbal, and set off fireworks. 

Our friends came over for the traditional pork and sauerkraut meal on New Year's Day. Yum!!!

Matching hats kind of...aren't they cute?!

Saturday after the exciting and only mildly disappointing PSU game we explored the Bayou Bend Gardens. This place will be stunning in the spring when all the flowers bloom. We had lots of fun walking around and touring the house. It was the perfect afternoon adventure. 

We couldn't quite cheer enough for PSU to win...next year!

We ate dinner at the best little place by Rice University. The foodand atmosphere    was great. 

Sunday was the Texans game. Drew and I had a blast tailgating and cheering on the Texans to victory. The defense was fantastic and I love that part of the game the most. Our seats were on the 50 in row 4....generous and wonderful Christmas present from Drew. Watching my favorite sport that close was awesome for me! I so very much enjoy watching all the aspects of the game you can't see on tv. 

Sunny and chilly tailgating morning 

Time to go in and cheer for our Texans!

We are so close to the field!!!

I got to see all these former Penn Staters up close and they all start. That was a fun little extra treat!

Post game win selfie!

Great day with my love and the Texans are in the playoffs!!!

We finished our two week escape from
life with dinner over the fire. It was a fun way to end break. 

Drew, Samuel, and Elena

Now we just have to survive one week until we head to CO for a week of skiing and gymnastics. I love my family and the memories we make together. 

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