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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Our Colorado Vacation: The scenery edition

This past week we were in Colorado enjoying the beautiful mountains, snow, and cold.  We stayed in a home at the Arrowhead Ski Area which is just west of Vail.  We were probably around 8500ft so the views were stunning everyday.  Everyone skied but me so I had each day to explore the area and appreciate the awesomeness of the Rocky Mountains.

 Taken from an overlook while driving from Colorado Springs up to the mountains.

The first part of the week was really cold.....like below zero in the morning and barely in the teens at the warmest time of day.  Crazy thing about that was it was cold, but didn't feel too cold.  The last part of the week was warmer, but it felt colder.  The low 20's were more damp because snow was coming and it was COLD!  I loved it though and really, really wish we had winter here. I enjoyed getting bundled up to go everywhere and we all acclimated so quickly.

The views from the house were really nice.  Each day until Thursday and Friday when it started snowing was perfectly clear and sunny.  You could literally see forever.

Ice on the window one morning

On Tuesday I went to Edwards and walked along a creek.  Part of creek was completely frozen over and covered with snow.  Other parts were flowing.  All of it was super pretty.

I absolutely loved all the evergreen trees covered in snow.  It was like Christmas in real life!
There is a creek somewhere under that snow

Resting on my walk really wasn't an option.

That same day I also hiked/walked up a ski trail right by the house.  The house was ski in/out so I just headed uphill and was able to get some really great exercise and pictures.

By Thursday the sunny skies left and it was much cloudier.  It snowed some on Thursday, but it snowed a lot on Friday.  It was pure awesomeness except when we had to drive in the snowstorm and that can only be described as pure stress for me!

The snow has started!!!

We did so many things while in Colorado.  The kids, Drew, and Meemaw skied every day.  We played in the snow and sledded.  We went to Vail a few times to explore.  Jonah had a gymnastics meet.  He, Meemaw, and Drew did some exploring in Colorado Springs.  It was a busy 10 days and way too many pictures for one post!  But, these are just to pretty not to share!

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