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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Our Colorado Vacation: Jonah's meet and all the rest

As I said before the decision to go to Colorado skiing came about because Jonah had a meet in Colorado Springs at the Air Force Academy.  His meet was after our week of skiing so Drew and I felt it would be best for several reasons if the kids and I returned home early.  Drew, his mom, and Jonah stayed for the meet.  Jonah competed on Sunday so they had Saturday to explore Colorado Springs and the academy as well as attend a collegiate gymnastics meet.  One of the last things I said to Drew was take lots of pictures....

On Saturday they did some exploring near Pike's Peak and some other places.  Drew took one pictures of a guy para skiing and one of Jonah.  While I appreciate the coolness of that I don't appreciate the lack of pictures at such an amazing place....goofball!

Drew did take more pictures at the Air Force Academy and they are fun pictures.  Jonah, for a couple of reasons, did not have the best meet of his life.  This happens.  I am super proud of Jonah for finishing stronger, improving his scores as the meet progressed, and having fun!  That is what matters!
Goofy guys

Jonah standing below a B52 bomber

So there you have it.  Our Colorado vacation from beginning to end and all the fun we had in between.   It was snowing lightly in Denver when we landed and it snowed the night before we left in addition to all the snow we had in Vail on Friday.  We learned to love our winter gear!

It is fun to think that Emma and Samuel learned what tool is used to clean off a car window.  It was quite the lesson on a very cold Sunday morning.

She wanted to know what the brush was used for....we must live in Texas.

We learned that soaking in a hot tub after a day of skiing and while snowing isn't really cold.  It is actually so warm that I ended up sitting half out of the water.  Being in a hot tub while snowing was a like fairy tale come to life.

The home we stayed in for the week was breathtakingly beautiful.  The views everyday were amazing.  It was way, way, way outside of our normal.  It was comfy, homey, and perfect for us for the week.

We made memories that we will have forever.  Until next time Colorado.....

Those mountains are already calling my name....

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