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Monday, January 18, 2016

Our Colorado Vaction: Vail edition

Vail was about 20-25 minutes east from our house.  It was a pretty and easy drive which made it very tempting to visit often.  Vail is an absolutely quaint, beautiful little place to visit.  It has such an European atmosphere and that just made it a much more fun town.  Drew and his mom skied there on Tuesday which based on the talk after that day was quite the exceptional day of skiing.  I visited the Vail Village on Thursday.  Later that day as a family we rode up the Eagle Bahn Gondola to top of the mountain.  It seemed like the top because of the views, but apparently other lifts go higher up the mountain.  Finally, on Friday we returned to Vail for one last experience before heading back to Colorado Springs.

The Vail Village is just the cutest place.  I didn't buy anything because the stores are just a bit outside my spending range, but I loved being there.  I walked around, looked in the stores, took tons of pictures, and had the best cupcake for lunch.  Yep for lunch and it was worth every bite.  It snowed the entire time I was there...not hard, but just enough to make it quiet and all that more special for me. 

I just loved the river flowing right through Vail Village
Looking up at the slopes

This covered walking bridge was so pretty and in the perfect setting

We had tried to take the Gondola ride on a sunny day, but the timing was off so we had to go on a snowy day.  That dulled the views some, but it was fun to be mid mountain while it was snowing.  It was crazy cold while we were up there.....10 degrees, windy, and snowing.  Brrrrr!!!!

Looking down to Vail, but the town is too far away to see and it was snowing

There are several winter activities to do at mid mountain. The cost was outrageous so we passed on those.  Going there in the summer would be a blast, but again I'm guessing crazy expensive.  Instead of spending all that money we visited the Animal Science Center.  Literally we had to tell the kids to leave.  They spent almost an hour in it learning about the animals on the mountain.  There were things to touch, games to play, puzzles, and all kinds of other activities.  They had a blast and it was a very fun place to visit.

By the time we headed back down it was dark so the Village was so pretty and quaint.  I think most everyone in the mountains must leave up Christmas lights all winter.  And, the lights playing off the snow was beautiful!

I think this looks like a Christmas card come to life
On Friday we stopped for a quick visit which ended up being over two hours.  The kids were just having too much fun so it was hard to make them leave.  We bought some souvenirs, ate more of those yummy cupcakes, and took plenty of pictures.  By the river were ice sculptures of chairs and a bench. The had cushions on them so of course they had to take a seat.  Sitting on ice chairs....so fun!  I thought they were cool when I visited, but the kids just thought it was the best thing ever.

I love how you can see it snowing in the picture!
At some point we will definitely be visiting Vail again.  It is the perfect, quaint mountain town!

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