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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Our Colorado Vacation: The skiing and sledding edition

Drew and I decided a few months ago that we were going to take the kids skiing this year when we saw that Jonah had a meet in January in Colorado Springs.  The timing was perfect Emma's competition schedule and Samuel's baseball.  So, the point of this trip was to ski.  Drew grew up skiing all the time and misses it a lot each winter.  We have not been skiing in almost four years so it was definitely time.

The ski gear collection area
This was the first time Elena skied.  Samuel, Emma, and Jonah have each skied between 2-5 times each.  For that reason and Drew wanting some adult skiing time, we enrolled the kids in ski school.  They went for 2.5 days.  The last half day they skied with their instructor as well as Drew and Meemaw.  From Monday to Thursday they went from relearning skills or in Elena's case learning skills to skiing down blue slopes.  And if you ask Elena, Jim, their instructor, made them ski a black diamond.  That is true, but they only skied the bottom little bit of the slope.  In her mind that still counts!  Of course they fell and not all was great, but they did really well!  It helps to be young and have no fear!  I was so proud as was Drew and his mom.

This was taken day one as they headed off to ski school.  It was about 0 degrees and they were so excited.  Ski school was at Beaver Creek which was about a 15 minute drive from the house.  They also skied at Arrowhead on Thursday.  They did not get to ski at Vail, but I know that is on their list for next time!

Bottom of Beaver Creek
Vail in a snowstorm

Vail....somewhere high up
Vail....and again high up
Jonah resting
They skied each day from 9-3:30 or so with about an hour for lunch.  Every day after returning to the house the boys went sledding.  The girls did some days.  On Friday we sledded in the morning and the kids showed me their ski skills on a slope near the house.

The house was ski in/out so on Friday we went to the ski slope next to the house, but a little higher up the mountain.  I wanted to see the kids ski and they, for the most part, wanted me to see them ski.   There is a little downhill and turn on this slope, but each kiddo looked like it was no big deal.  Crazy!

And of course we took some fun pictures of the kids goofing off in the snow.  The boys made a fort in and around some snow covered trees.  They were very serious about fortifying the area from sneak attacks....boys!  Snow angels were a big deal to Elena.  Just being in all the snow was a big deal!

Up to my knees!

The fort

We had so much fun playing in the snow!  Every day it was fun and no one ever got bored or too hot or too cold.  It was just fun.  There is just something about being in the snow that makes everyone happy!  I think snow is magical!!!!!

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