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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Jonah goes to camp

This past week Jonah was at boy scout day camp Tuesday-Friday from 1p-8p.  This was after he spent three hours at the gym in the morning.  So one would think that he would be tired when he got home each night, but one would be wrong.  He was so excited about his day and so hungry that energy just fell off of him.  To say that Jonah loved just about every second of the day camp would be an understatement.

Jonah with his Den's flag
Each day I dropped off Jonah with his bucket.  I personally thought this was genius.  Everything he needed for the day including dinner, suntan lotion, towels, drinks, and a raincoat were in his bucket.  Then the bucket doubled as a seat.  So clever!

He and his friends learned how to tie different knots, how to shoot bow and arrow, they shot bb guns, they did crafts, they played life size Battleship, they carved soapstone, and who knows what else.  After all that fun I do think maybe one of the highlights of the week was a visit from a fire truck.  They had a quick tour it and then all the kids were sprayed by the firefighters.

A little wet, a little happy, and a lot silly especially Jonah
Jonah's t-shirt has signed on his shoulder because he had a bulls-eye during archery!

I almost did not sign him up for the camp because I was worried about him doing too much each day.  I could not have been more wrong.  Who knows what I am going to do with all his energy this week?!

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  1. Fill his bucket with cleaning supplies and see how that goes. haha Glad he had so much fun!