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Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy 11th Birthday Emma!!

Today at 11:56am Emma turned 11.  Unbelievable that my baby girl...my first baby...the one that made me a mom is 11!

Poor Emma gets the mom who is learning as she goes.  Emma is paving the way for the other three, but somehow Emma is growing into a wonderful, caring, loving, beautiful girl.  I like to think that Drew and I have some hand in this, but in reality it is just Emma.  That is who she is and always will be. 

On her birthday and on the verge of a huge year in her life, I want Emma to know the following things....

1.  She is always loved by God no matter what.
2.  She is always loved by me and Drew no matter what.
3.  She is not defined by the outcome, but by her effort.
4.  She is beautiful because of her character not because of how she looks, dresses, etc.
5.  She is brave and confident beyond her 11 years so there should be no worries about starting a new school and working through two levels of gymnastics in the next 7 months.
6.  Jonah, Samuel, and Elena will bug her probably on a daily basis, but they will always love her and be there for her when it matters most.
7.  She knows who her friends are so stick with them.  Don't change for others.
8.  She will have bumps in the road this year, but it is all about getting up again.
9.  She should smile more.
10.  She is a role model for Jonah, Samuel, and Elena. 
11.  She is always loved by God not matter what....yes, I want to tell Emma that two times because it is that important!

Emma celebrated her birthday with her best friends on Friday.  They had pedicures, went out to dinner, and stayed up who knows how late.  She had tons of fun and that is all that matters.

Chocolate and vanilla cake ecorated by Emma!

Ashlynn, Aurora, Kaitlyn, Maddie, and Emma
We celebrated her birthday last night.  She had her dinner and dessert of choice.  Lucky girl had two special desserts this year.

Steak, cheesy potatoes, grilled veggies, sauteed mushrooms, and stuff jalapenos...so good!

For all her medals

Of course, as is tradition, Emma had her choice of ice cream for breakfast this morning.  Her pick was black raspberry dark chocolate chunk....gross!  Good thing it was her birthday!

Happy Birthday my dear Emma.  We love you and are so proud of the person you are and are becoming each and every day!!!

Love my girl!

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  1. What a wonderful gift Emma is to our lives!!! Thanks so much for sharing so much about her and her special day in words and pictures, which of course has brought me to tears. I sure do miss you all!