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Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day in pictures

Yesterday we celebrated Drew and his awesome daddy skills by giving him one of the best gifts ever if you are an Eagles fan and going to an Astros baseball game.

Our kiddos are so lucky to have Drew for their daddy.  He learned how to be a dad from his father and Gil was one of the best.  I know Father's Day is bittersweet for Drew because Drew's dad never met any of our children.  But, I also know that Gil would be so proud of the daddy that Drew is!  Emma, Jonah, Samuel, and Elena adore Drew.  When he is home someone is always following him around or wanting him to do something with them.  When he is at work, someone always wants to know when he will be home.  They always want to be with Drew and I think that is awesome!

This was Drew's reaction to his gift!
We went a little crazy with Drew's present this year.  We gave him tickets to the Houston Texans-Philadelphia Eagles game on November 2.  Drew and the boys are going.  The girls and I will watch the game at home.  I know he loved it because he talked about it randomly throughout the day!

We spent the afternoon at an Astros game.  We sat in the outfield eight rows back from the field.

They lost 4-3 to Tampa Bay, but it was a pretty good game.  There were two home runs and that is always exciting!
Jonah thought the crowd was too loud after the 2nd home run
Drew and the girls were also on the jumbo tron which was awesome (that is twice since they were on the screen at a Rice game in May)!  In general I think the kids enjoy Rice games more because of the smaller stadium and less break in the action.  But, they still had fun.

After the game we took lots of pictures outside.  The kids love the baseball statues. 

Always doing handstands

Jonah jumped over the baseball
I bought them matching shirts without realizing it
Samuel liked this statue

Happy Father's Day Drew

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