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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

17 years

Drew and I have been married for 17 years.  We were babies when we got married.  I was only 22!  To be perfectly honest, I would probably try to talk any of my kiddos out of marrying that young.  There is so much life to experience at that age, but who knows.  We made it work.  Drew and I were so clueless about life, but somehow we managed and have managed pretty well.

We have definitely had our highs and lows.  Each moment, each experience, each trial has strengthened our relationship.  I love Drew more now that I did that day when I married him.  We are both such different people because of the life we have lived and are living.  But, deep down Drew is the same.  He is still full of silliness to the point of eye rolling from me.  He still hums all the time.  He is slow and usually late.  He likes to talk to everyone about anything.  He still believes in hard work, honesty, and dedication to those around him.  He still has a hard time expressing his feelings, but no one can doubt how Drew feels about something.  Despite the lack of words, it is still quite evident.  Drew still loves me (thank God!) and I know that I picked a great guy!  No one could love me more or better than Drew does.

We went out to dinner Friday night to celebrate 17 years
It took Drew 4 tries to look at the right place for our selfie!
He knows exactly how to make me happy...frozen custard in a cup!
At dinner we talked about some of our favorite memories and they were almost all the same.  I think we must be a good match...ha ha!  The first thing we both talked about was our trip to NYC on our anniversary a few years ago.  Second was our trip to Europe when we finally had our official honeymoon. Too bad we had been married for a few years at that point, but the time in Salzburg was amazing!  The other things were reminisced about were our trip to Beaver Creek, CO; Steamboat Springs, CO; our trip last summer to Galveston; having season tickets to the Astros; and being parents.  We specifically did not talk too much about the kids.  They currently define our life, but they don't define our relationship so I really wanted us to talk about us.

But, we are parents so we celebrated our anniversary with our kids too.  We went out to dinner at a family favorite place and Emma made us a cake.  The kids also used their own money to buy us gifts.  They are just too much sometimes.  And, Drew gave me the most beautiful flowers with my favorite star gazer lilies!

a little photo bombing by Jonah
Our great family

 Happy Anniversary Drew! 
It has been a great 17 years! 
I love you!

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